MID 1125 Stuck on COBY Logo


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Aug 4, 2014
Hi, I'm new here and I need

I have a coby ross 1125 a month ago I ledt my phone in the house when I came home and switched on the tablet then the problem started, I have two younger sisters maybe they did something to it,

when problem started at first it can get to the menu but when u touch any part of screen it gets back to android logo and then its stuck until I hit the reset button and still hang every time i try switching it on.
I left it for some few days but when i switched it on again, now it only hangs on COBY logo. Please help me I really need to change this back. and oh I cannot send it back to the company because I'm very FAR!!


Nov 18, 2012
Download file from here


Copy entire 1125.zip folder to desktop

Extract 1125.zip to desktop

Install PdaNetA4170.exe driver ( This should allow you to transfer files with Fastboot )

This is Version 4.17 installer for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (both 32/64bit)

Extract CWM recovery img_1125 folder to desktop by itself ( Do not remove any files from this folder )

Move zip files from zips folder to micro sd card and insert sd into tablet ( leave these in zip format !! )




Also move apks from apks folder to MicroSD card


Google_Play_serv.ices-signe.d .apk




market-helper-2.0-beta.apk (this will allow spoofing of market for not compatible apps)

Open cmd window

( menu , run , when window opens , enter “cmd” without quotes )

Cd to directory

ie ,

type in window

cd desktop , ( enter )

cd CWM recovery img_1125 ( enter )

Now place 1125 into fastboot mode , power ( or reset button ) and volume down , tablet will show fastboot mode in lower left corner

Plug in usb cable to pc and tablet

Then in cmd prompt type

fastboot boot recovery.img ( enter )

It will show some stuff , flash ok and done ok

Tablet should boot to CWM give it a moment to do so ( You will see CWM Recovery Top hat and such )

Volume up is up , Volume down is down , Home ( Silver Button ) is select

Go to and select flash zip from sd card

This will pull up menu of following zip files

Flash each zip file




Select reboot

Tablet will boot ,again give it a moment ( You will see Coby and then Android splash screen )

Select language from first screen ( as it will be in Dutch ), finish setup of tablet

Open ES File Explorer , go to tools setting in ES File Explorer and select

“Root Explorer” to on , allow when Super User prompt shows , this will prove SU is installed and working

Open ES File Explorer , Select sdcard top right , Select storage

Install Google_Play_serv.ices-signe.d .apk ( To sync Play Store )

Install Busybox.apk

Install Link2sd.apk

Install Uni-init+v1.0.apk

Open Uni-init+v1.0.apk , install intd support

( you will need busybox installed first for this to work )

You now have working Play Store , Superuser and Android 4.1 with Intd support

For Extended memory ,( You need this )

Increase Internal Memory by Link2SD : Min 2 GB microSD

In order to add memory to Coby 1125, your micro SD card used for install will need to be formatted

Copy all files you wish to keep from micro SD to desktop as it will be wiped

  • Backup all your files on memory card.
  • Go into the Recovery Mode ( as above , fastboot boot recovery.img ) ( Your operating system will be fine )
  • Make a nandroid backup at this time
  • Select “Advanced”, and then choose “Partition SD Card”.
  • Then Choose your size ( if you have a 2GB Memory Card, choose 512 MB, and if you have a 4 GB Memory card, you can choose 1024 MB, ext ).
  • Select 0 Swap.
  • Wait for the process to finish, and then select Reboot
You’ve just made a partition on your memory card, and its ready to use.

Now follow the steps below for Link2SD

  • Open Link2SD. You will be prompted to choose between ext2,ext3,ext4 and FAT32.
  • Choose ext2

  • Select OK ,
  • It will then say, “Mount Script Created”.
  • Now you Reboot your Tablet
  • Open Link2SD again, if any message does not appear ,it means you succeeded.
  • Go to Link2SD > Setting( far right top icon ) scroll down > Check the autolink. (to automatically move apps upon installation).
If you already have some apps listed , select “create link” ( be sure to check the files: app, dalvic-cache, and library files).

Move to SD option only moves app to SD it does not link them

Now to check the memory, select “Storage Info” . this will be showing you up the current status of your internal memory.

You should see as below SD Card 2nd Part


To move a system App you can long press App , it will pull up menu , select convert to user App let it do its thing

Select App again and it will open option to create link as installed user apps do

So far I have moved Calculator , VPN , Music FX , ES File Explorer and Sound Recorder with no issue

Use Link2Sd and (long press) on SystemUpdate.apk ( /system/app/SystemUpdate.apk ) and freeze app.

This will stop System Update from happening at random moments or on reboot

There is no Update to install though the System thinks so (without freezing it will continue to show updates available)