MID & Ebook M002 : battery problems / upgradeable?


Nov 4, 2011
Greetings people.

Well, as I am a new comer here, I am really sorry if there's someone out there who had already asked the same question like mine. But, well, there are lots of posts to re-read, so, I thought, posting a new thread would be easier. heheh. :eek:

So, I bought this 7'' MID & Ebook M002 a few months ago, early this year of 2011 I think. But, I have rarely used it because the battery won't last long, approximately for about 1 hour. *very depressing :mad:* I didn't do much though, just reading Microsoft word & PDF documents.

1) So, is it possible for me to change its battery? I am not a technical girl, know nothing about computers. But, as far as I could see, I couldn't find any screws to open this tablet. :rolleyes: If it is possible to change the battery, where should I go to ask for? Any shop that sells computer, or any shop that sells cell-phones?

2) and is it possible to for me to upgrade this old version of Android 1.6 to the latest one?

3) this china-made tablet (or I prefer to call it my Ebook) is very slow. I should have checked the specs before I bought it, but yeah, I have already bought it. Can I make it run faster like my netbook? :eek:

4) If I could make its battery last longer, run faster and upgrade to the latest Android, that would be nice. But, let's say I couldn't do this, *sigh*, is Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is a good choice for replacement? :confused:

OH. Looks like I have already asked lots of questions. *embarrassed* Really hope anyone out there can give your 2 cents and help me out of this dilemma. Truly appreciate it!


You have touched on two of my greatest frustration with most if not the majority of low-mid end tablets, The device is designed to be disposable and built many times with little Quality control. Thus, the battery while potentially replaceable would require you to open it without breaking the little plastic internal snap on clips and unsolder the old battery. Find a compatible battery, then resolder it on. This is not for someone who does not have electronic soldering experience. But Your tablet would be good to learn on

The update of the firmware is totally dependent upon whether the manufacturer offered a FW update or a compatible community FW is available. You will need to research that out on the forum with your specs. Some tablets can be updated using a community FW. Others no.

Sorry and Best of luck