MID google android help and advise


Sep 25, 2012
Hello all from Missouri,
I recently purchased a new 8" MID google android tablet on ebay. Came from a Brooklyn store. Id had purchased an 8" MID android last year and had trouble with it. After downloading a new firmware program, the old tablet worked great, until it was smashed on accident. This new tablet is Model PC-802, and after loading the google play app store onto on SD card and installing it on the tablet, things were great, until.... I forgot to take the sd card out and rebooted. That old firmware program was on the sd card and automatically installed. Now the new tablet is locked up. Its completely unresponsive to touch, inhibiting me from internally resetting. Ive contacted the store in which Id purchased it from and they give my an auto response to just reset. So no help from them. So, heres what I need help and advise with.
1. How easy is it to install a new glass faceplate on the old tablet? Ive noticed theres a data transfer wire that needs connected somewhere internally.
2. Can I manually reset the new tablet externally? The only thing that works on it is the on/off button. Ive also read about users upgrading to a 2.3 or higher. What are the pros to upgrading and would they work on my cheap China made tablet?
Thanks to any and all suggestions!
Have tried holding the start button to reset and all it does it reboot the tablet. Still can not navigate anywhere.
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Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm moving your thread to the Android Tablet Q&A section for you, where more people are likely to join the discussion and try to help you. Good luck!

Sorry to about your tablet faceplate break i not sure but try Amazon, i think it is best to fix this first as you will need it, If the (Faceplate) cost and repair is too high it would be best to buy new again,

If you press the power button for 7-8 sec it will reset the tablet for you