MID tablet with Telechips TCC8803 & Android 2.3.3

Stormy Knight

Aug 25, 2010
I've inherited one of these Chinese tablets that was non-functional. Somehow I managed to get it working again with a factory reset, but I lost some software in the process. There was a special version of Netflix pre-loaded on this tablet with a warning not to upgrade or it would no longer work. I've tried loading the newest version to see what happens, and sure enough when you make a selection, it will not play. I'm also sure Flash 10.1 was blitzed off as well. My main question is, where do I find he special version of Netflix to reinstall on this tablet? Any inquiries made to the seller have fallen upon deaf ears. I've searched he web for older versions of Netflix, but I can't find any to try. I'd appreciate any help you can give me on this. Other than having a low resolution and a resistive touchscreen, it works pretty good.


Nov 3, 2011
I have one that sounds simular it is a mid 8803 product number jv 7003 the manual that comes with it says to use there web site for up dates .only problem i can't find a web add any were in the manual. I dropped mine and broke the glass ordered a new one from the e bay store were i got it I am waiting now for a responce to me about some info on how to instaall the lcd and also get the webb add if i get it i will post it here.
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