mid x5a questions ?


Feb 11, 2011
Hi guys, got my mid x5a , ive read about rooting it so ive done that (V2.1)

I have a couple of questions if i may...

1) when i plug a mass storage (pen drive) into the onboard usb sockets, android reports that it's succesfully mounted it, how do i browse its contents? or install .APK files from it? ive tried a few file managers but none of them "see" the usb drive?

2) can i upgrade it to a custom Android FW, or even 2.2? (how?)

3)its a bit jerky here and there, and on angry birds..also angry birds icons (in game) are white blocks? anything i can do about that?

Thanks for help with me n00b questions :confused:
1) FAT or FAT32 formatted flash drives only
2) There is a Cyanogenmod 6 mod, but I don't recommend for daily use...
3) Not really. If it bothers you too much, Angry Birds Seasons isn't as bad on this thing.
Thanks for taking the time to reply..

If you could, could you explain what the Cyanogenmod 6 mod is, and why you dont recommended?

Also, on the flash drive thing, ive formatted one in FAT32 , how do i "navigate" to it to view its contents? it doesnt appear (as far as i can see anyway) in the various file browsers ive installed?

Thanks again for your time.