Missing "Accounts and Sync", and is 1568 newest Official firmware?


Feb 8, 2011
Good Evening,

Just got this new "SuperPad" which I believe is a Flytouch 2. Have it all rooted, changed the Default launcher etc.

But I noticed "Accounts and Sync" is missing from the settings list? Any ideas on this?

I am running firmware 1568, which I believe is the latest Official update.

Or is there a newer one? Thanks in advance.

the setting list is not alphabetically sorted - so maybe you can find "Accounts and Sync" later on the list.

Firmware 1568 is the latest recommended firmware.

You can try firmware 1623, which is quite stable - If you did not mind about HDMI not working with CCPlayer.
and if you are really in adventure mode - try firmware 3245. Complicated to install, Market works only with free stuff. Nevertheless the fastest firmware seen - the tablet feels really(!) great.

For both firmware you can find more info in the forum.

Best Regards