Motorola Video Teases next generation Android Tablet


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Dec 15, 2009

Motorola puts out a teaser video to show watchers Monday the history of tablets -- up to but not including its upcoming Android Honeycomb device. They plan to reveal the tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 6, 2011. This is what is known so far: The details on Honeycomb are sketchy, but it’ll probably be a step up from other sweet-sounding Android operating systems such as Cupcake (version 1.5), Froyo (2.2) and Gingerbread (2.3).

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Rumored 2010 self-destruct feature...
It's like a giant iPhone, but... it's like a giant iPhone.
Rather ironic that they put down the Samsung as "Andriod OS, but Android OS...for a phone." Especially considering they will be running Android OS. Sure, it's "probably" going to come out with 3.0, but when the Galaxy Tab was intro'd, 2.3 wasn't released, and 3.0 was still complete speculation. Even now, 3.0 is still not really "official". And I wouldn't be surprised to see Samsung release a 3.0 firmware for the G-T in the future.

Okay, rant over. Just irks me when I see the pot calling the kettle black.

I'm sure the Moto will be a pretty awesome tablet, when it finally arrives. But by that time, I'm betting they won't be the only ones with an awesome 3.0-powered tablet.

I agree, others will get 3.0 as well, but at the moment the other tablets ARE running android 2.3 or less, and when the Motorola Tablet comes out it will be the only tablet running specific tablet OS.

Clever ad, am really looking forward to this tablet
well, it is not going to be cheap since it is a joint-effort between google, Moto and Verizon. Moto has released the specs such as Tegra-2, 512RAM, 32G flash drive, high-res screen, front and rear camera. Very similar to the specs of Viewsonic G-tablets, Advent-vega, Malata Zpad. I guess that it will come with 3G or 4G and My gut is telling me that it will cost a fortune to get one at least $599 + 2 years of contract. But, it will probably become the real Ipad (1st generation) killer.