My AndroidinaBox Tablet-Buying Experience!


Aug 22, 2012
Well, after using a friend's ipad, I knew I wanted a tablet, but not willing to pay that much, plus, I hate being tied down to itunes and being told what you have to use, I decided an android tablet was for me. Spent a whole weekend doing research online. Finding special offers from internet voucher/coupon sites, offering an android tablet for half price! £99! Sounded good, but looked into the one on offer. Turned out to be awful, so I knew I had to take my time. The search was on!

Found a few android sites and started my search. This site seemed the best for me, so I spent a while looking through the threads and posts. Found a few tablets that interested me, so noted them down. Being from the UK, I was obviously very wary about buying direct from China. You hear so many stories about bad companies, or poor quality products, so more research was needed! Androidinabox was one name that kept popping up, so i checked their website. Found the Gemei G9t dual core tablet. Looked on youtube and found reviews of the tablet. Looked good and responsive, so decided that one was for me.

Had a look around online for a good deal. Some sites came across as very dodgy, selling all sorts of rubbish, clothes, tacky toys, etc. so I wasn't going to trust them! Decided to go with androidinabox, mainly because of the amount of interaction on these forums from them, plus, i found them to be helpful to people, like myself, who were looking for a tablet. Placed my order, and all went well. My main concern was customs. Read so many things about people from the UK having to pay when it gets to them from China. Placed the order on a monday, tuesday it was despatched. Paid for 4-8 days delivery, which was with DHL. I had heard with DHL that they always check packages, so you have to pay.

Checked my tracking order constantly and on thursday, 3 days after dispatch, a message to say it was being held and can be released after payment. Dreading the £30-£50 I had been reading about, went online and found it was £6:31. Paid it, rang them up and they confirmed it will be sent out the next day. Friday came, midday, and it was here. Signed for, very well packaged. Lots of bubble wrap and packing tape, but not a mess. Opened it all up, and started to play around with the tablet. A brilliant tablet, really responsive, and so far been excellent!

Sorry if this has bored anyone, but I just wanted to write down my experience of buying from China, as I am sure there a lot of people, like myself, who really want to buy one, but are unsure of how it would all turn out. I can honestly say that if you do your research on the tablet, then I would recommend Androidinabox if they have it. I found the service and communication off them very good.