My IPOD Docking Solution for Huawei S7


Dec 13, 2010
OK I have been waiting and wanting a docking station ever since I saw the first video on the S7. It's product code is HUA-DC and that is listed on a clove's website. However, they do not have them and at this time do not know when and if they are going to get them. I am tired of searching and came up with this set-up for myself. I also do not want to use my headphone jack very much. I do not wish to wear it out.:cool:

I have always been a little envy of all the docking stations you can get for a Iphone and Ipod and I also have been looking for a bluetooth receiver to hook up to my stereo at home and as well in my Van. I came across this little Anycom FIPO bluetooth recever that lets you use any ipod docking station with almost any bluetooth phone that has A2DP/AVRCP stereo,ect. I also was walking around Rose's department store and found this ILIVE CD/FM BoomBox for IPOD discounted for $30.00 it was new just in a old box. I orderd the FIPO off ebay for $19.99 that $50.00 so far invested. I hook it all up and now have wireless BoomBox for my S7 and am trying to make a cradle mount for that unit. I also realized that the ILIVE has a usb on it that put's out 5.2 volts with a usb charging cable. That's is awesome. Now I have a power supply for the Huawei S7 on the go. When I am a home I use the aux 3.5mm stereo cable that I got with the unit to directly hook up the BoomBox from the headphone jack to aux in on my stereo sound system at home I need someone to help me find a usb charger cable with the correct tip for the S7. The one in the picture is too large. I think it need's a 3.2mm tip I read here somewhere. Now I have wireless streaming music at home and on the go complete with power supply.:)


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Dec 4, 2010
Anycom FIPO is a neat little device. I picked up a similar one a few years back by Best Buy's Insignia brand called the NS-BT300F that did the same thing: Bluetooth receiver that that plugged into any IPOD dock connector and would provide audio to the docked device (boombox, car ipod interface, or what have you) transmitted from a bluetooth mp3 player or phone. The device draws its power from the ipod dock connector. Used it in my car as my handsfree kit for my phone/mp3 player with the ipod dock interface hooked to my car stereo's aux in jack. Worked great and saved on wear and tear on the phone/mp3's headphone jack.


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Sep 24, 2010
Yep, bought one for the wife's itouch for the same thing