HELP fix my Sylvania SYTAB10ST


Jun 11, 2013
I rooted my Sylvania and was operating with LauncherPro and made the grave, GRAVE error of deleting the original launcher app that came with the tablet. As luck would have it . . . LauncherPro continues to crash and I have no way of continuing as i made the grave, GRAVE error deleting the original launcher app. The tablet will start-up but will not allow access to anything without LauncherPro.

I don't really care what I do to the tablet . . . all of my goodies are stored on the sdcard. I would just like to be able to save the tablet and start over from scratch.

Any help?

I found another post that described a possible fix but requires tethering to a PC running XP. Anything similar for Windows 7 out.

Thanks in advance for any help!