Need help connecting to BT Broadband


Dec 16, 2011
Yesterday I was given an 8 Inch ePad Google Android 2.2 as a present from work.I am having problems with getting on to wifi.the wireless Broadband we have is BThomeHub-F-145.I can connect my laptop
no problem but not the tablet.I have been into wi-fi setting and added it under wi fi network but it still does not work.I can pick up one of the neighbours Wi-Fi but is secured by WEP.As anybody else had this problem.Do i need to change something on my Router?? Help would be greatly appreciated



Mar 9, 2013
I have a similar but not an identical problem. My Allwinner 13-based tablet recognises my BT Home Hub router but when I want to go on the Internet, it forces me either to accept a BT Open Zone or to a BT Fon connection and to register or pay for access. I AM registered for the Open Zone and I should have free access in the entire country but I understand that this connection is available when I am out of range of my Home Hub, not when I sit just next to it. When I rang BT Broadband help a very polite young lady who spoke with a Bangalore accent said she deald only with PC and laptops and offered to connect me to paid assistance service, operated by her colleagues. Her very polite colleague speaking with a Bangalore accent offered to solve my problem for £15. Fortunately for me, I have at home a router from another Internet provider so I can set my tablet for an alternative WiFi connection but I wonder whether anyone has come across a similar problem and how it can be solved or by-passed without paying £15 to BT. Like the previous poster, I have no problems connecting my laptop via my BT Home Hub so it looks like they have set a trap for tablets, or perhaps just Android tablets.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
I have a link in my signature with some suggestions and tips for WiFi issues, but my first suggestion would be to change your security WEP to WPA2. Also you can/should restart your router.