Need help upgrading the OS on my Kyros


Sep 22, 2011

I have a Kyros 7015A which I have rooted, added ClockworkMod Recovery and installed the Android Market.

Basically what I really want now is to have Flash 10.0 support so that I can watch videos on and to have better system performance. Ive read around and I can upgrade to Android 2.2 or 2.3, but Im not sure which one will give me what I need as well as a guide to help me through the process.

Any information is appreciated. Thank you.
Thats what I was just going to ask. I know skyfire will let you watch videos so I have that, My Firmware Version 2.1 - update1. Can I go from this to gingerbread 2.3 02 do I need to get 2.2 frist. I have the coby 7015.

Thanks for any info.
Thanks for the help and link.

Im just about finished following all the steps in the guide.:)
Asgard, let us know how it worked out ok?

The guide is pretty good but it can be a little difficult for people who've never done ROM flashing in the past like me. I had some trouble in the beginning on the steps outlined that really could have been solved had I read through the entire thread that was linked by promek1. So yeah, if youre going to do this Id suggest reading through the entire thread first so that you can read up on some of the people whove encountered problems and some of the solutions found in case you encounter the same problems.

For example:
The guide states that to get into FWDN mode on your Kyros you press both the Power + silver orb buttons, but you really have to push the Power + Home buttons instead. If I had read the thread first Id have known that.

The Kyros 7015 is MUCH better now than it was before upgrading. Its faster; it has better performance because apparently some stuff that wastes system resources has been removed. The only one I know of for certain that was removed is Live Wallpapers. I really didnt need that, but I think you can download them again through the Android Market, which is also installed with the upgrade.

The screen resolution is much crisper than before. The buttons arent huge and its not blurry like it looked to me when I first got the Kyros.

I read that there was a problem with how Angry Birds looked on the Kyros but Im not too sure as I hadnt played it before upgrading, but I just installed it an hour ago and it plays and looks great so the upgrade apparently fixes that problem.

The upgrade also purports to give almost full access to the Android Market, but since I havent downloaded many apps before the upgrade I really wouldnt know.

The upgrade doesnt install Adobe Flash 10. You have to go to this thread:

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and download the flash apk and then install it yourself.

Ive done it but no luck in the sites Im interested in.

All in all, I would say it was worth the trouble I had in the beginning, and I think later Ill upgrade to Android 2.3.3.
upgrade to 2.3.3 and then install the latest patches its even better

good luck
I just did and I like it. The only problem I have is that I am unable to access the Nand drive when I use the USB and go into USB Storage.

Im also a little disappointed that Flash 10 is still unable to play videos from