Need help with a Hard Reset, or Re-Installing Firmware to Original Default?!


Aug 26, 2012
Model Number: WonderMedia WM8650
Android Version: 2.2
Kernel Version:
Build Number: generic-eng2.2 Froyo Ver1.5.1-20110708.105253

The Problem:
I recently bought this tablet, but haven't really done anything with it, then decided to give it to my Step Dad. Turns out he's left and doesn't want it anymore so I have it back. I'm trying to sell it, but I need to do a Factory Reset on it first. Problem is, I don't know the 9-Pin Unlock pattern to restore it. I can't remember what it is, or if I ever even used one. I've tried using a pin and pressing the little reset hole, and that doesn't work. I've gotten it into safe mode and tried that way, and it still asks me for the pin. I read something about resetting the password with a G-Mail account, which I don't have.

So it seems my only option is to do a hard reset? I spoke to my Uncle, and he suggested something about reinstalling the Firmware, which would essentially be a factory reset? I don't know.

I just want to sell this thing. Can anyone help me wipe it back to the default?
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Jun 16, 2012
I don't have your tablet, but according to my research to restore the firmware you need an empty MicroSD card and a copy of the firmware. The stock ROM is here and this post may be of assistance.
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