Need right image file to reflash my V3 Apad

Sep 1, 2010
It has been nearly a week that own a v3 8gb apad and yesterday as i was trying to set a default home app, due to low battery warning it automatically shutdown. The problem since then is that ít is impossible to boot. It only gets to the "android" logo screen and never passes it. I believe that reflashing is the solution, but as far as i know there is no custom or even factory firmware to use.
The firmware info of my Apad are:
Model Number: sdkDemo
Firmware Version 1.5
Kernel version: 2.6.25 rockchip version 1.2.7 (ruiguan)
Build number: RK-1.3.2.eng.root.20100729.130751
As for the motherboard it is the M001-HFD-IO V05
Charger Voltage: 9V
Red Led, Metallic Back Case

Please tell me if:
1) there is any hardware button combination to press so as to hard reset the apad or even make it boot in safe mode?
2) where can i find an image of the specified factory firmware? (maybe someone can back it up and upload it for me)
3) Has anyone with the same firmware version tried a custom or factory firmware from slatedroid working for v3 9v red led apad? and if yes which one?
I think you can find firmware for your tablet @ HiApad
To boot in recovery mode, you can use ADB (see explanation of this in another thread here if you don't know what it is) and do
adb shell reboot recovery
That said, there's not much you can do from there, as the pad lacks the hardware buttons to navigate the recovery menu.