Newbie trying to flash his new rockchip apad - advice much needed ..please


Sep 14, 2010
hi all,
in need of flashing my apad as it has been unstable and shut off very frequently.
thinking of flashing to donaldson custom firmware
here is my apad info :

with front camera
model number: sdkDemo
Firmware: 1.5
Kernal version: 2.6.25 rockchip 1.2.7 (ruiguan)
Build No: RK-1.3.2 eng.root 20100512.140303
adapter: 5v
LED: Red light when charging

So, i beleive it is a version 2 batch

My questions:
1) Can I backup my current firmware b4 i do the flashing, in case i screw thing up ?If yes, how can I do it ? or anyone has the original firmware posted somewhere

2) steps will be according to this link...
good to use ?

Apad iRobot Firmware Update Tool (update.img) » HiApad

If you follow the instructions right then nothing should go wrong. The instructions look ok just make sure that you do everything that they say. If you are in question post a comment on their site and they will (hopefully) help you out.

Hope this helps!