Need Tablet suggestions for 6 and 12 year olds


Sep 28, 2011
Hi all,
I am looking for inexpensive tablets (around $99-$149) for my sons. One guy is 6 and the other is 12. I imagine the 6 y.o. is interested in playing games, like angry birds, listening to music, but I'd like him to use it for more educational purposes such as reading and playing more educational games. Also need a usb port so he can plug his cochlear implant into the unit and hear everything.

The 12 year old is into youtube, combat games, writing/ drawing images/ crazy silly 12 year old boy stuff.

Would a Coby fit the bill?

Pandigital/ Panasonic?

Please let me know your thoughts. I'd like to get these items asap.

Thanks to all in advance!!!!!:)
Hi abm, maybe you can have a look at our: Android Tablet PC.
you can find some with good performance with your price range there, hope you can find what you want! welcome!:)
Are you looking for tablets you can purchase in the U.S or will you be ordering from over seas. Obviously over seas will be cheaper, and from the U.S you can purchase them quicker. From my perspective make sure the tablets come with at least 256MB RAM, and better so 512MB. Android 2.2 or higher... 2.3 would be good. Make sure it has market access and can run flash. If a tablet you purchase lacks all of these, they will be sorely disappointed.

From experience (as I own a Pandigital) the one I have doesn't run flash, it's a bit slow, and can't play Angry Birds' type of games.