I need your help with buying two tablets


May 2, 2011
Hello All

I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions on my future Purchase. I have two boys (7 and 12 years old). I promised to buy them two tablets when they are done school for this year. I would like to know what you guys recommend for budget tablets.
For the 7 years old, I would like a tablet so he can mainly play games (Angry birds, Fruit Ninja...) and maybe surf the net
For the 12 years old, I would like a tablet so he can surf the net, play games and maybe skype.
I will be looking for two budget tablets and price is a concern. Please provide me with your opinions with features, benefits and price.

I'm not sure how tech savvy you are, but for me and a few others, you can't beat a rooted Barnes and Nobles Nook color. Its got a wonderful screen, good size, and can surf the net all for the price of 250. A stock Nook Color with a stock BN OS will allow you to buy Angry birds at the BN app store. However, a 5 min process of rooting your Nook will allow you to use all the android apps. Further tinkering will allow you to get the Nook color to Galaxy tab specs. If you have any more questions check out Nook color forum(I believe its the largest on this android tablet forum).
I have to agree. For a tablet with those specifications, the Nook Color is a great deal. If you want to go any lower in price, you start to lose quite a few important features and build quality. The Nook Color is a good tablet for the price point.
I would love to get a Nook but I need to buy two tablets. My budget is $350 maximum for the two tablets
You might have to wait a year or two to buy 2 tablets for 350. IMHO most tablets under 200 are very bad, from what I've seen and used most of the tablet screens have lower resolution and the touch screens are some what unresponsive. If you REALLY want 2 tablets for 350 you could go for a Craig CMP738a tablet. They sell them at CVS for 100.00. I've read battery life is poor and they have a higher tendency to crash and stop working, but for 100 dollars you really cant complain. If you really want to get them something they'll use in the long term, why not get them a smart phone? Most of the smart phones have higher specs than the sub 200 dollar tablets and phone contracts usually lower the overall price. Just my .02
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