Need user manual for 10" Med Tablet pc


Jan 22, 2011
Hi, Can any body supply a download user manual for my 10.2 Android 2.1 Tablet PC HDMI GPS Ethernet Flytouch2. The manual supplied is so small and of little use that I have found it hard to get the best out of this unit. I am on the net etc. (more by trial and error). but find I have on the desktop O1 file manager which when open it say's device not ready(have no idear what it is. Also "WOW READER" (book) when open it say's "removable storage device is unavailable". SO IF ANYBODY CAN DIRECT ME TO A GOOD USER MANUAL IT WOULD BE GREAT.
You must have a memory card in the tablet PC in order to download anything on it including books. When you bring up the books app, there's an option in there to set up a default place to download books to once you have a memory card in it to use.