New express plus (sytabex 7-2) owner questions


Nov 19, 2011
Hi everyone-

Based on the good information I read here I decided to look for the Express Plus version of this tablet. I finally found one yesterday at CVS. I'm new to Android and just recently got a Samsung Galaxy S2...which I love. The problem is my 3 year old loves it too. So, that was the main motivation in looking for a tablet for him. I want my phone back!

I've never rooted anything in my life, but I am somewhat tech savvy. My hesitation with doing anything to this tablet is most of the threads here are for other versions. I got a 32gb sd card and was able to get the amazon appstore loaded with no problems. Happily it let me download all my "free app of the day" apps to this device as well.

So, I am basically looking for advice about what I should or shouldn't do to this device. I'd love to improve battery life (if that is a concern). It will mainly be used for internet browsing, you tube videos (which work great), and android apps.

Any advice from other 7-2 owners would be great. I did do the system update already and so far everything I've tried out is working very well. Netflix "works" but the quality is awful and it has the sound delays others have mentioned. I will probably uninstall it.
The screens on the older 7" tablets are VERY easily cracked. Swing by your local Toys-R-Us and grab the started kit for the 7" tablet and it comes with a pretty thick silicone skin that wraps all the way around to the edge of the screen. Its not an OtterBox but it is better than nothing. My battery life actually got better on its own. Just be sure to fully discharge it (to where it shuts off and won't come back on) and fully charge it with it turned off, for several cycles. Never plug it in when it is 50% or more, let it run all the way down to shut down.
Do you need to root the device before installing this Android Market from this link? If you have 2.2 already installed, can you just install the .apk from the SD card using SAM?

Thanks in advance.
Drujaz - no rooting at all. Download the link, it holds your hand to install and run it - boom into the store in minutes. The longest thing about the short process is downloading the stuff. Also you can create a gmail email account (if you don't already have one) right there easily. You need it to get into the market. I was playing Angry birds in about 15 minutes and I'm a total NOOB with this stuff. Also has one-touch into youtube. Perfect tablet for my kids. This tablet rocks for $100 (on sale at Shopko).
There is no need to root to add the Google market however if you would like to use UniversalAndroot_1.6.1.apk

I had to download this on my PC and transfer with a flash drive to the tablet as it kept saying download failed when I attempted to download directly on the tablet.