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Oct 19, 2010
Hi, my name is Tom Crews and I'm new to these forums. I bought a Motorola Droid back in February of '10 and shortly after, rooted it and overclocked it. Eventually I tried a few different ROMs for it and was using CyanogenMod 5.7.1 until the Froyo (OS 2.2) leaks hit. I switched the the leaks and decided to compile my own ROM. I created SnkBitten, a 2.2.1 OS based ROM with just a few tweaks to enhance the already nice stock 2.2 OS (EQ settings, reboot menu in power off, ad-hoc support, flac audio support) while maintaining as much of the stock feel.

I started looking for a tab/pad based on Android around that time and my requirements were Froyo (OS 2.2), Market and Google apps and easy to mod/customized like my Droid was.

I purchased the Viewsonic 10" G-tablet after reading about it from other users on XDA-Developers forum and saw the potential it had.

Considering building a source built ROM for the Gtablet based on my build for the Droid (SnkBitten).
SnkBitten Motorola Droid ROM

Tom Crews


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Jun 30, 2010
Welcome to the forum a custom rom would be great, where can i download your droid rom i would like to give it a try. And one big thing to focus on is getting adhoc support in your rom just like you did for the droid because a lot of people would love to tether their tablet to their android phone, I installed the cm6.1 port for m701r and it connects to adhoc but the browser wont work, just a heads up