New guy needing help


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Sep 23, 2010
Hello everybody. I am glad to have found this site because I am having a little difficulty identifying my tablet.
Here is a link to the mid I have.
eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
I think its a batch 3 Irobot because it has a 9v charger, but it has a ged charging led and 256 ram. I installed android sys info and got some of these results.
Device SDK Demo
Hardware RK28Board
Host forise-linux server
Bogo MIPS 299.00
kernal version 2.6.25 rockchip version 1.2.7(rulguan)
build number RK-1.3.2.eng.root.20100729.130751
I really could do with some advice as to which ROM to use to reflash and a little advice as to how would be nice. Thanks in advance.:D