New to Apads and would like help.


Jan 8, 2011
Hi, Im Mac(of corse). I just got an Apad I bought online and wanted to upgrade it. The person I bought it from said he got it 2 months ago so its oooooolllddd.
I know the model number is skdDemo
Frimware is 1.5
Kernel version is 2.6.25 with the rockchip at version 1.2.7 and it also says ruiguan
And build number is RK-1.3.2.eng.root.20100512.140303
What should I do to it and how???
just use it as is because you probably wont be able to upgrade the os. i hope you got it for cheap
pretty good and once you get tired of it you can probably turn around and sell it for close to that then by a newer tablet