New nook color and FRUSTRATED!!!


Apr 12, 2011
I bought the nook color to read my collection of medical textbooks, all of which are in pdf format. After realizing that the native version of quickoffice that shipped with the nook didn't suit my needs (and reading through this forum extensively), I decided to root my nook and install a full version of quickoffice.

Root went fine and the install seemed to be fine. However, I have 2 issues regarding quickoffice:
1) quickoffice HD doesn't show up in my "extras". I always have to do a search for it!
2) quickoffice HD ONLY opens books from my SD card!!! I'd rather keep most of my books on the nook's drive and not my paltry 2GB SD card.

So next, I tried Aldiko. This installed fine but I STILL can't see any of my books on the Nook drive (but I can via the SD card).

I'm gonna try ezPDF reader next but I'm getting pretty fed-up...

The rooted nook color is really cool but I just want a good, portable pdf reader!!!

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thanks in advance...
Welcome, there is a thread in the main forum right now about pdf readers you can check out.

It also sounds liek you need a home launcher like Zeam or ADW. This will give you tablet like desktop and an app drawer where your apps will show up as soon as you download and install. To have them show up in B&N extras you need to reboot. Just get a home launcher and you are all set.