New Thoshiba Thrive Owner (24h) says HI


Jul 11, 2011
Just saying hi... I'm a new owner of the Thrive and really like it so far. Have played around with it at home, yesterday while in the airplane and a little more as of today. Went through my first full charge of Thrive-usage (7h with periods of idle or sleep, it said 16h since unplugged) ... I guess 11h can be reached if you tailor the crap out of the device... but I do like to use it.
Not new to Android as I'm also using the Droid X ... pretty slick to set up, actually I let me 11 year old son do it and it went smooth.
Looking forward to a lot of interaction on this forum...
thanks i have already subscribed to the forum page. i will check out the dedicated toshiba page as well-