Hi from New York - Thanks a lot AndroidTablets... Vs. COMPARISON!


Nov 2, 2010
...for creating this site, first of all.


Because, you, the underground Mod community are who makes having electronic products of this digital so much better to own and use.

And speaking of ownership, the primary reason why I joined this site is to get some advice on what's the best (upcoming or current) .pdf (preferably color) eReader on the market, for under $200?

I have a ton of e-books in the .pdf format that I would 'love' to read on a portable device. And after doing some initial research on what's available within the criteria that I'm looking for, the search has been a bit disappointing. The criteria that I'm looking for in a eReader device is:

1. Reasonable battery life; as in at or over 6 hours usage time. * Add to that, a swappable battery, for extended usage.

2. Color screen (with anti-glare). * Although I can make an exception on this, by actually purchasing an ant-glare screen online.

3. Able to play videos, smoothly (and not necessarily streaming from the internet.), that I've copied onto the device.

Add to that, other features that I cannot think of right now, because the main thing I'm concerned about is having a device that I can read my .pdfs on for an extended period of time without hurting my eyes or my pocket.

* The closest thing that I've found on the market, is the Pandigital Novel (White). That is not before, I discovered the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader and what a copied device it is to the PDN. What a disappointment!! (I saw the Youtube video of this thing, and prematurely got excited, until I found this site's review on the device.)

Again, thanks again AndroidTablets community for saving me my money, on what would have been a bad buying decision. * I'm looking for a device that I can own long-term, like my Palm TX, until the Digitizer on it's screen went bonkers.

Which leads me to these two quick questions:

1. Capacity vs Resistive screen? (Bear in mind that my purchasing budget is limited to under $200.)

2. B & W E-Ink now vs Color E-Ink later? (Basically, I want to know if I should wait until more eReaders/Tablet devices with this technology to be introduced to the market at competitive prices or 'say' the heck with it and purchase a device for my needs now?)


Well, that is all I can think of for the first post.

For a newbie here, it might actually be a lot to hit this forum with out of the gate, but this is why I signed up; to get an intelligent and objective view on my options for that 'perfect' (with AndroidTablets modification, of course.) .pdf enabled color eReader/Tablet device that I'm longing for.

Note: A lot of the fancy add-on features that Ipad 'lovers' enjoy, such as GPS, Gaming, Music (?), and the 1,001 plus apps that most folks don't have time for, I don't necessarily need or want.

Also, there are other technical elements of an eReader device, that I would probably want as well. But, I do not know what those might be, that is why I signed up to learn.

To all, I'm looking forward to learning and sharing much knowledge about this burgeoning market of Tablets and similar devices. And in case any reader is wondering, I am just a regular user of electronic products, I'm no Modder or anything of that sort. Ciao!​