New to Community and Android


Oct 28, 2013

New to the community and Android OS.

I'm here to learn, make some friends and pay it forward when I can.

My first project is the nook Tablet.

I bought my wife the nook Color Touch for a "push" present after she had our daughter,
so she could have something neat to play with the baby while recovering.
It was a great idea, her having a giant real library and being a teacher and all.
It was a POS so I got her the nook Tablet.

It was fine at first but the B&N OS design is horrible and very counter intuitive.
my biggest gripe is say you were reading a book and the bell rings..ding dong! oh schnikies we got company...
so you press the n key and home screen the bad boy and set er down to greet your company...

someone sees the nook and picks it up, they hit the little book icon and BLAMO!
now everyone in the room knows you was hot in the middle of some 50 shades of grey! *

I know you can archive but it doesn't always work, I have only been able to archive and close a book twice.

also not having full access to google play is a total bummer.

So we gave the nook to my 2 year old daughter who uses it as a learning/entertainment/email-video/audio communication tool.

My 2YO has ripped through all the weak sauce B&N apps, time to upgrade and unleash the

Well folks thats me, nice to meet all of you.
Greetings n00k, nice to meet you as well. Congratulations on your NOOK Tablet and welcome to the forum. Nice of you to become a member of Android Tablets.

Whenever you're ready to "upgrade and unleash the beast", just click this link to the Nook Tablet forum. You should find all the information you need there.

Enjoy your tablet and the forum!
Just saw your reply, thank you for the warm greetings, I hope I didnt post in the wrong area, if I did sorry.