New to Forum! Still shopping for my Tablet!

Feb 5, 2011
Hello All,

my name is David and I'm new to the forum here. I'm shopping for a tablet as we speak. Going to be using it 50/50 as for business to show clients photos from events for my DJ company and website features.. Also to show people my blog while at events, shows, etc.

Then we (my wife and I) want something to do simple, normal stuff, check e-mail, facebook, twitter, Youtube, and watch movies while traveling. Games are not that important.

Still on the fence if I want to get a 7in or 10in since most use will be up close. Price is also an issue. not going over $300.. I want to be able to return it also if I don't like it. I acutally think that If 8inch tablets start coming out it will be the best of the middle sizes for portability and viability .

I was in the mix of buying the Pandigital Novel but reviews were way to bad, the Nook Color but video support is not good enough for the price, I found a Cruz Tablet onsale at sears for $170 which I'm still on the fence about buying, but reviews are very mixed on that and don't want to buy it if they will not update it to 3.0 when it is released. Started looking at the archos 101 and seems to really have what I want, price is at the highest of my budget so as of now only issue with that is if its going to get updated to honeycomb and if I can return it.

Was looking to buy this weekend, but I put the brakes on to do more research and will now be buying by the end of March since I'll be travel out of the US for a week.. Gives me enough time to sleep on it all.

Thats about it for me.

If anyone has some insight on where I'm at so far in the tablet hunt I would greatly appreciate it.
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