wait for 8in Tablets??

Feb 5, 2011
I've been trying to find some 8in tablets, but It looks like this will become more common starting this year (2011). Any one have any ideas of ones that are coming out that look promising? cruz looks like this might become their redemption from their low-preforming tablets and reader but not sure If that's what I'd go for since over all the cruz tablets have got low reviews.

anyways, I'm on the fence between 7in and 10in tablets and feel like the 8in will be the perfect middle ground. and only will take a tablet with capacitive touch.

I'm starting to really like the Archos 101 which for $300 is going to be my best value and $300 is the top of my price range, I was going to get the nook color, but for only $50 more I might as well get a 10in Archos..

anyone else have some opinions? I'm looking to buy no later than the end of April so they might have these 8in tablets launched by then the combat the Ipad2 launch.

You know, for the most part I don't know what I'm talking about.. I just want something that will last since I won't be replacing my tablet for a good while. So I'm trying to make an informed purchase
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Take a look at the hauwei s7 which is in your price range
Take a look at the hauwei s7 which is in your price range

Looks pretty solid, but for $50 less I can get the nook color and possibly perform as well at the Huawai once they update all the firmware don't you think? and i can have the 10" Archos for $300... Not to mention the Huawai is resistive touch not capacitive

which do you like best between the nook and Huawai? I think think anything @ $300 for a 7in tablet is pushing the cost/size ratio.
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