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Dec 5, 2011
Monday/ December 05, 2011

my name is Raymond Wade Johnson II and my wife Ginger and I live in Middle Georgia and we recently were self introduced to The Android operating system that our second of the two Plexon Tablets we bought back several months ago. Our first tablet was a Plexon VIA 7" Android Tablet which we were both so very excited to get since it was our first try at expanding our electronics inventory,We have a desktop PC and that is the extent of our computer property other than our sons Xbox 360 that neither of us never touch! However we were very eager to get onto learning the in's and out's of the new technology,IE,Tablets and such items as that. The tablet arrived about three days after I purchased it on our account,And man when it arrived I opened up that box and what I saw truly amazed me because it was really a beautifully made piece of Technology!! I plugged the wall charger in and began to charge it which I did for about half a day and then I proceeded to power the Plexon VIA 7" Android Tablet up just to see what it was made of and I'll tell ya I was really surprised at what I found this little 7" Tablet capable of doing. Our main purpose for buying it was for my wife to use it as an eBook reader,However me being the person of looking beyond today and even tomorrow I said to my wife,Why don't we buy a tablet PC cause if you buy an eBook reader that's really all your gonna get is an eBook reader,However if you invest in a Tablet then you have a piece of technology that you can surf the web,check and send EMAILS,go onto your facebook,twitter accounts and even look at the occasional naked lady if your into that sorta thing,hey im a man and I like looking at the occasional naked lady...LOL...But never the less that's an entirely different thread!!! A few weeks into our journey into the tablet world we began to experience problems with the Plexon VIA 7" Android Tablet..It had gotten to the point where it wouldn't power up without the wall charger being plugged into the wall at all times,Even when the tablet it's self was telling us that the battery was fully charged. ANd then it got even worse;It got to where it wouldn't power up AT ALL,Charger or not!! So I called where the tablet was sold from through and was lucky enough to speak to Plexsupply's GREATEST Customer support REP.Named Angel..Anyway i told Angel just what was going on with our new Plexon VIA Android tablet and he informed me that they no longer had any of that particular tablet in stock and wasn't sure when they would have any,So we juggled the options we had which was a refund which isn't what we wanted,we wanted a new tablet,But Seeing that they had none of the Plexon VIA 7" tabets in stock I ask Angel about Plexon's Newest addition to the ANDROID Tablet Market which was the "Plexon BLACK" "THE ROCK" which was a great deal more costly that our tablet was,but seeing that ours was broken and they didn't have any of our model in stock and we DIDN"T want a refund Angel suggested that he send out one of the more expensive THE ROCK models to our home in place of the VIA,but I explained to Angel that we couldn't pay the difference for the ROCk which was like $199.00,And he assured me that it was no problem there would be NO EXTRA CHARGES!!! And I was like WTH!!! And went on to thank this nice gentleman for his offering up this more expensive item in place of the one that had malfunctioned, so it was official we were to be the proud owner of a Brand New PLEXON "THE ROCK" BLACK EDITION 7" Android Tablet PC which at the time was selling for prices anywhere from like $299.00 to $399.00 and we got it for like $119.00 plus the $6.00 shipping...LOL.
;):):rolleyes::D..And two days later it was in our mail box,I was very excited to get this thing and open it up to just look at it,powering it up was an entirely different animal,i had googled this new Plexon THE ROCK 7" Android Tablet after we found that we were getting one for basically less than half price and WOW!! The reviews were fantastic,I mean there was the occasional negative ass that you normally have,you know the type that purposely buys things just to wear the new off of it just to buy the next one in line only to return it as well when the new has worn off of it as well. Man after I charged this thing for a couple of hours,( I couldn't wait half a day) I Powered this New Plexon THE ROCK THE BLACK EDITION up and started searching through it to see what it would do,And MAN was I surprised!!!It does so so much more than our Plexon VIA 7" Android base Tablet,And that little VIA was no piece of junk it's self,i mean hell that little VIA by plexsupply was a great little tablet It just had some sort of issue with the battery that im certain was nothing big. just a flaw in the manufacturing im sure,I bet it took near nothing to repair it!!! I hope that exactly what they did was repair it and sold it to some young person in need of a tablet. i know I have gotten off of track here in this thread,I have not even addressed my MAIN reason for putting a comment up here,my main reason for being here was to address the potential of adding phone service to my/our Plexon 7" THE ROCK Black Edition Tablet PC. I know I have read several posts saying that it is possible to add free phone service to your existing Android device,And I truly hope it is possible cause I feel that with all of the tcnology that we have out there today such as cell phone cervice,texting and all the other stuff that is just there flying through our airwaves!!!! and we are having to pay outragious prices for these things that by all means should be extremely inexpensive or free.after all over the years with all of the money that has been paid i feel that the research costs for this technology was paid off years and years ago!!!! Cell phone service here in the United States is just TOO TOO DAMN COSTLY!!! It cost too damn much!!! Look at Japan,Australia,russia,london,Italy,Paris,but Especially the Asian Countries like Japan..Over in Japan you can purchase a damn cellular telephone from a vending machine!!! and the number to the phone is already programmed into it as well is the air time. Unlike Our VERIZON,AT&T,Sprint...All these companies Mainly VERIZON who is THE TOP DOG here in THE UNITED STATES when it comes to CELLULAR TELEPHONE AND EVEN INTERNET SERVICES!!! Who have beaten us United Stastes Citizens out of so many Billions of Dolllars just cause they can. And I find this to be an atrocity!! Charging their customers such an outragious price:( for air time used and now we are being charged for DATA????WTF!!!! who;s idea was that???? Personally I feel that cellular phone ,or hell even cellular services of ANY sort should be EXTREMELY INEXPENSIVE NOW since the technology has been paid for,Or all the monies that have been poured into these things,YEAH they have gotten back any and all,and even doubled or tripled their pay out for this technology..And we are still being charged outta the rump for this technology!!!So how about it AMERICA....DO you all feel that VERIZON and it's followers should be DROPPING their prices for their over the air services????Such as cellular phone service and DATA PLAN charges.....I do I honestly do feel their prices are too dang high....:mad::confused:


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Mar 24, 2011
Hello Raymond and Ginger, welcome to Android Tablets and congratulations on the great deal you got on your Plexon tablet. That's quite an introduction and I'm glad you decided to become a member of the forum. I'm not personally familiar with your tablet and I'd normally move your thread to the area of the forum where I think you'd have the best chance of someone being able to answer it. However, it's been my experience that people hesitate to respond to long posts or posts that have a lot of questions in them. Perhaps it's a time thing or they're intimidated. What I suggest you do is click on this link to the Android Tablet Q&A section and post your question about the phone service there. Start a new thread with a meaningful title such as How Can I Add Phone Service to a Plexon Tablet. In the body of your post, fully describe your tablet by name, CPU type, Android version etc. and exactly what you'd like to do with it. The descriptive information should be available somewhere in the settings of the tablet or the manual. I hope that's helpful to you and I wish you luck!