Newbie From Canada


Jun 10, 2010
Hi everyone, I'm Jenny from Canada eh? I don't know if an android device is the solution for me. I'm one of those miserable people who was praying for the Courier to be released and was crushed, smashes, disemboweled by Microsoft when it was cancelled. *weep*

I'm a creative writer who is looking for a solution for mobile writing and research. I currently have a 5 pound laptop that is far too heavy, and I don't need another laptop.

Android looks like a great os, so I'm looking forward to all the android tablets waiting for just the right one.

I'm also interested in the Kno, but its such a heavy device I don't know if its right. I hope a dual screen android tablet comes out! Maybe! :O

I also wait to learn more about the Google Chrome tablet which might be interesting. But android seems to be the place to be if you aren't an iPad person. I have an iPod Touch but I mostly only listen to music and play games with it. Its not what I want for my writing/note taking activities.