Android OG from USA checking in!


Sep 8, 2010
Hey there! I've been an Android lover since 2008 when I was one of the first to receive my Google G1. Since then I have been all about the Android! I'm now in the market for my first Android based tablet that I can rub in the faces of those who were stupid enough to pay the Apple Tax on their iPad. I've learned that things only get better when it comes to the Android, so I'm looking for a starter tablet for now and then I'll get a better one once they get all the bugs worked out and there are more players. I do a lot of travel for my job and watching movies on a tiny little cell phone screen or on my short lived battery life on the laptop just isn't cutting it anymore. Time to step up to a new toy. :)

I'm a seasoned internet forum veteran and I definitely know how to do the searching, but I'm in somewhat unfamiliar territory here. While I'm no slouch when it comes to computers and software, it is the hardware part that I'm not very familiar with. So if I ask questions which could have been answered with a search, I apologize in advance. I just don't know the right terms to search for since I honestly don't know the difference between a ghz and a hole in the ground. I'm just hoping to find something that is at least on par with my Android 1.6 running cell phone (so that shouldn't be too tough).

I'm looking forward to participating on the forum and I'll be sure to write up a review of whichever tablet I wind up with.

edit: Oh, for those of you younger than 30 and older than 40, an 'OG' is 'original gangster'. It is what we used to call early adopters back in the day when there wasn't too much to adopt to beyond the new fandangled color monitors and ink jet printers ('back in the day' meaning early 90s) ;)
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So far so good. The responses and information I've gotten so far have been exactly what I needed to learn. :)