Newbie Having Display Problems w/ HSG X5A


Oct 9, 2010
Hi, I'm from the Philippines and just received my HSG X5A 7" tablet running Android 2.1 without accelerometer using 348 rom. I'm a newbie particularly in using Android tablets. My problem is this: Homescreen wallpaper randomly disappears when I open some applications then return to the homescreen. Instead of the homescreen wallpaper what I have is a black background although I can still access the other menus from here and the google search header is still present. The only way to restore the homescreen with the wallpaper is to shutdown and re-start the tablet. I don't know whether others have experienced the same problem as mine. By the way, the tablet is still running the stock rom and never been flashed. Don't know if it's a software bug. Any ideas? Your help would be much appreciated.
That happened to my X5A as well, running the same ROM #. Are you still using the default wallpaper? Mine stopped disappearing after I replaced it with a .jpg of my own.