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Aug 15, 2010

I've gone from a totally clueless computer technician when it came to tablets and pads to a fairly knowledgeable one in just a week or so. When I first stumbled upon these devices about 1 or 2 weeks ago, I was lost as to what I was actually looking for. In the end I basically wanted a decent device with Android 2.2 HDMI out, capacitive screen (I had no clue what that was a week ago.) and more. I see now that 2.2 devices are coming out, but I haven't seen one that has all the features I'm looking for. Then I saw the Samsung Galaxy and it looks like that dfevice will have all the features I'm expecting. Having to wait a few months or more is driving me crazy and I decided to revisit the Augen Gentouch 78. I spent the last 3 or 4 hours reading and researching and you know what? Other than Android 2.2 and the HDMI out port, I think this device will be fine for my first experience with tablets. $169 is a lot cheaper than some of the other Chinese models I've seen and it is a lot cheaper than the Samsung will be. So, tomorrow I plan to go to K-Mart and pick one up. With all the information on rooting, and hacking the Gentouch, I'll get more than a quick lesson in Android and tinkering with these devices. Now, before I go and make a purchase, I wanted to ask a few questions that I haven't seen asked yet. I hope that some of you may be able ot answer my questions.

1. I read about the identical MAC addresses in the initial models. Are those models all sold out now and is the more recent releases of the Gentouch corrected to have their own individual MAC addresses?

2. I saw mention of patch 3 but didn't seem to find a list of fixes or changes. Does patch 3 allow any of the following. A) Working G-Sensor, B) USB Keyboard/Mouse usage, C) Return of the Android Market?

3. I've read enough about tablets in general to know that it probably won't happen as it appears to be a problem to do with most tablets out there, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. Is it possible to install Android 2.2 on the Gentouch? Is there a chance that the manufacturer may release an update that replaces the OS with 2.2?

4. Is Android 2.2 really that much faster than 2.1? I read that it was on one of the other websites.

5. Can a 32GB microSD card work in the Gentouch?

6. I saw mention of watching videos and such. Can tghe Gentouch play home videos that I have that I convereted from VCR tapes to MPEG or AVI files?

7. My home wireless network has WPA/WPA2 security on it. Can the Gentouch be configured to use WPA/WPA2 security for wireless connectivity?

Well, I guess thats all for now. I am very excited because I am generally extgremely anal and when I set my mind to something like the specific features I want with a device such as a tablet, I usually want exactly what I originally planned and won't settle for less. While the Gentouch doesn't have multi-touch capability, capacitive screens, Android 2.2 or HDMI out, I have reasoned that for what it does and what it costs, the loss of those features I was hoping for are acceptable and I'll also use it as a learning device for me to get used to tablets.



Aug 27, 2010
1.) mac address is fixed
2.) no, no and no
3.)no, nobody knows if augen is going to push out 2.2
4.)some times it can be
5.)not that I know of only up to 16GB
6.)yes yes it can i use rockplayer
7.) Yes, I also have WPA/WPA2 to and my augen connect fine

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Aug 7, 2010
some people have reported that installing the German firmware will let you do USB hosting. I have not tried this yet.


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Aug 4, 2010
Good that the MAC address is fixed. One problem with the Gentouch is that the LCD Panel might have backlight bleeding along the edges. Check your screens. Also check to make sure you don't have stuck pixels? Other than that it's a good tablet. 32GB microSDHC should work but since that price of that is still high I just got 16GB Class (4).

Android 2.2 is faster than 2.1 but while the Gentouch is not 2.2 yet, but if you apply the BlackJack Flag Version Rooted ROM you can have run very quick and smooth. I got that Racing game call Rage Thunder to run on it. Just to test it out.
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