Newbie: Samsung GalaxyTab P1000 killed


Dec 30, 2012
Hi, I've bought a used Samsung GalaxyTab P1000 with Android 2.2. This was my very first Android device and I should have left it as it was, because I don't really know anything about Android. Unfortunately I googled around to see, if a more recent Android Version can be installed on the device. I've found a tutorial describing how to get the official Android 2.3.6 release onto the device using the tool "Odin" (How to Install P1000XWJQ8 Android 2.3.6 Firmware Update on Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 | Android Firmware Updates) (at this time I didn't know about Kies!). Everything worked as described in the tutorial. The Device was detected by Odin, I selected the downloaded 2.36 Image and Odin installed it, ending with a success message. After that, the Tab is stuck in a boot loop. After reading about Kies I tried to connect the Tab to a PC running Kies, but the Software is not able to connect to it. Then I've sent the device to Samsung but I will have to pay 200 Euros to get it repaired. I have paid 160 Euros for the used Tab and for 200 Euros I'll get a GalaxyTab2 now, so I don't really want Samsung to repair it. Now my question: Any ideas to get the Tab on 2.3.6 (or 2.2 factory default) by my own? (Remember: I'm absolutely new to Android, I don't know enything about all that advanced flasing, hacking, modding, modifying things, I've read in this forum. Thanks in advance for your help. :rolleyes:
I also have Samsung Galaxy Tab P 1000 that i updated to 2.3.3 from 2.2. Currently the update is to 2.3.3 only. Its unfortunate that you used odini. You should have used KIES. Ok dont worry you can repair it yourself by switching off the device and switching it on while holding the volume up button. Select DELETE ALL USER DATA by pressing tbe volume buttons. Confirm by pressing the home button. The device will reboot and delete all user data except that on the SD Card. When it gets to the phone dial. Press *2767*3855# to completely erase EVERYTHING that did not come with the device on purchase. Now update it using SAMSUNG kies downloaded from Never ever install anything in your tablet not ontained from Samsung website or googleplay store. Thanks
You can rest to factory default easily.Remember while resetting process you could navigate through Volume up/down buton and for selection use Home Button.
Now follow these:

First Power off your device,

After 20 sec, power ON the device while Holding down the Volume Up Button.

A screen will appear asking DELETE ALL USER DATA.Select it using volume button.

Press Home button for finalising you action.

Dial *2767*3855# to erase all data (not factory data).

Thats all.....Now use Samsung KIES......enjoy.