Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Wifi 5.0 To Gingerbread!


Aug 7, 2010
I did not make this tutorial but am adding to it. Thanks to Brain for putting this together. I did it and it works great. If something goes wrong let me know and I will try to help you fix it. If your device breaks I am not responsible!

This tut is made from posts on samfirmware Topic: Just updated yp-g70 to 2.3.5 - www.SamFirmware.com1. Make sure that you have Kies, and the Android SDK installed
2. Download the firmware Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! and Odin Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
3. Turn off the device, unplug the USB cord if it is plugged in, and press the back, volume down, and power buttons at the same time until you see a android pushing a broom in a yellow triangle.
4. Connect the device to your computer and wait for the drivers to be installed.
5. Fire up Odin and extract the firmware.
6. Click the PDA button, and pick the firmware.
7. Press start and wait!
8. It will restart once it's done. It took my device about three minutes to boot up.
9. BOOM! You have Gingerbread!!!!!!!
Optional - erase all data by turning the device off, holding the back button, volume up button, and turn on, choose wipe data. This is supposed to make it more stable. Will erase all data!
If something went wrong you can try to flash the stock rom in Odin from here Login - www.SamFirmware.com

* It changes some of the icons for the installed apps.
* Adds the Drive and walk app and Samsung Smart View
* Samsung Kies does not like the new firmware. \
* Adds a option in the settings to update over the air!

All that we need now is clockwork mod and some CM7!

Let me know if this works for you!
I am looking for a new root that works because superoneclick no longer works. Let me know if you have found one that works!
Hello sir! I'm a galaxy s wifi 5.0 user..can you please provide the GB screenies of the device after it has flashed? I'm a newbie with android devices..Thanks!
Oh sorry..I mean screenshot of the device running in GB..:) I assume this firmware will also work here in the Philippines..:eek: Thanks!
I can confirm that the above method indeed works, at least for my device (European version bought in Belgium). I still have to try to root it though, I'll try it this evening.
First I put the device into recovery mode to clear the dalvik cache and reset to factory settings.
From within this mode you CANNOT upgrade to the described firmware using Odin, you have to be in download mode.

Everything works perfect so far.
I created an account just to let you know:)
Thank you:)

zepman . mcsalty. 4 at gmail . com
Just want to ask, if ever I will upgrade my software to Gingerbread would there be a chance to downgrade it back to froyo? And what's the importance of root on our device?
Thank you in advance.
Hi all,
I am new here and have heard that after flashing to Gingerbread, the "SoundAlive" feature will be different and it seems that certain things can't be selected , for example "Big Bass"... but once a headphone is plug in, it can work...

The real SoundAlive in Froyo, provides a fantastic Sound Effect. It has Equalizer(has 7 pitches control of level -10~10dB),
Concert Hall effect(Level&Size 0~3),
3D&Bass control(Each level 0~4),
Clarity&High Pitch Upscaler(Clarity 0~2, and High Pitch : On, off).

And I think its missing in the gingerbread version ?