"no matching content" in Market for WITS A81E


Dec 23, 2010
I got my WITS yesterday and followed the written instructions from the buyer and trashed Market. Now it get a weird Market screen which says "no matching content" and doesn't show 99.9% of the software available (when I searched for Mixzing, all I get is two offerings (Tune Pop and the pro version) from 'Happy Vampire Software' (which is NOT what I wanted :S)

Following are the instructions from the manufacturer (which may be what screwed things up - I didn't try to access Market before this)


I've Googled it thoroughly and seen the same issue arise on a lot of different machines, but no answers as to how to fix it...

I've also gone to the manufacturer's website and downloaded the latest firmware to see if that solves the problem... (any tips on installing that? :D)

PS - I know that Market works because my kids have different tablets running 2.1 and I was able to access Market with no problems...
Hmmm... It's fixed itself (about the 14th time I followed the same steps as listed above, it came back, egisted an error for the first 3 attempts to open Market and then opened with full usability)

Weird... (but I'm not complaining :D)

One thing my searching showed me, though, is that this is a long-standing, cross platform issue with Android Market...