Non-B&N Content On A Nook Tablet


Jan 28, 2012
Well, after asking around a lot, I got directed here. First of all I am not a dumb blonde.... just a really confused and ticked off Redhead!

I purchased a Nook Tablet, after asking a lot of questions in the store regarding how to transfer pdf files and other electronic books to the Nook; and was assured it was a simple thing to do and I would have no problem in doing so. And at first it worked! Then my Nook updated itself to 1.4.1 (I know that from reading the forum). Now I no longer can get my Nook Tablet to let me do so.

The store NOW says that is not legal to do so. I have to buy things from them only. BAIT AND SWITCH.

I know very little about all these hacking things. I just want to use my Nook as it was sold to me, being able to do.

Anyway lousy intro I know, but.... that is where I am.
Hello Denyse, welcome to Android Tablets and congratulations on the Nook Tablet. Nice to have you here as a member of the forum. I'm going to move your thread to the Nook Tablet section of the forum for you. The folks who know that tablet best are located there and hopefully, someone will see it and discuss your alternatives with you. In fact, I'm going to contact a friend and ask him to get in touch with you if he has time. Good luck!