Novel vs. Star: How big is the difference?


Jul 17, 2012
Please tolerate my ignorance: I am considering purchasing a tablet but in spite of my research I simply don't know as much about this stuff as I'd like to.

I'm very seriously considering a Pandigital Novel or a Pandigital Star. This would be my first tablet, and I am not looking for (nor expecting) the same performance as an iPad. I recognize there are tradeoffs when looking at a more affordable tablet.

The impression I have from my research is that the Star is perhaps slightly better than the Novel. So, my first question is: is that so? If so, how great is the difference?

Second: my primary uses for a tablet would be web surfing, apps (such as Angry Birds) and reading books (children's books included). I'm not opposed to being able to watch video on it, but that is not a necessity.

I don't need Google Play, don't even particularly want it. I can be content with GetJar and Amazon's appstore, presuming that the app selection is solid.

Are the Pandigital tablets capable of this, or am I asking too much?


Nov 3, 2011
I would also like some insight on this as I'm actually wondering the same thing. The Star does appear visually (externally and internally) to be an improvement, but they cost virtually the same(on amazon the star can be bought somewhat cheaper) so
I'm curious as to which way is the better direction.