Pandigital Novel or Pandigital Star?


Nov 3, 2011
So, as the topic title suggests, I'm wondering whether the Novel or Star is the way to go, considering this would be my first purchase of a decently well know and/or accepted tablet. I'm familiar with the Novel, and in its aspects would be just fine with owning one hands down, in fact it was my original intention.

However, I was browsing amazon for Pandigital tablets, and came across the Star. The Star initially does appear to be much more appealing aesthetically, as well as it looks like it may have a slightly better OS and friendlier interface. I didn't delve too deep into its specs, because I would rather it be put plain and simple from someone who has owned one or both and get some opinions so I could make my decision, and for the price, I would almost certainly rather have a Star, as I'm quite familiar with the Novel. That is, given that the Star is actually a well operating Tablet with that may have some advantages over the novel. Any input on this would be appreciated.