P7510 Wi-Fi only 10.1 Galaxy Tablet


Jun 14, 2012

I am the new owner of a P7510 Wi-Fi only Samsung 10.1 Tablet as well as new to the forum. I have a desktop PC with XP operating system. When the tablet is connected to the PC. The PC is not recognizing the device. Whenever I get the message "Device not recognized". I would click on it and it indicates driver not installed. I performed several troubling techniques including installing the driver as per samsung support website. Which indicates a mobile phone driver.

I installed Keis as well. None of these resolved the issue.

I connected the device to my laptop running Win7. It automatically reached out to the Windows update to update the driver for the device. So it worked fine.

Any assistance to resolve this issue with Win XP would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Tom T

Senior Member
Feb 18, 2011
Just a thought, are you running Windows XP SP3 ? It is usually required for this kind of device compatibility.