Pandigital Novel White question


Jul 16, 2012
I can't seem to find what version of android the pandigital 7" white version has. I need it for taking notes and holding my textbooks but using netflix would be nice if it supports flash. Does anyone know if it does? I know it has a resistive touchscreen as well so any recommendations as to whether this is worth the money and if so what should i use for a stylus.

here is a link to the walmart description Pandigital R7T40WWHF1 Novel with WiFi 7.0" Touchscreen Tablet PC Featuring Android Operating System, White: Computers
You should read the reviews, my guess you will return tablet in a week.
resistive screen is a no no these days unless you specifically need this type. to be honest there are so many good cheap tablets out there most will fit your requirements but as you haven't stated whether you need gps/bluetooth etc. i will give you a link to a very reliable & trustworthy supplier of genuine brand tablets only. if you can use western union, their prices are hard to beat at the moment with any degree of reliability from the sellers. this supplier is also a supporting vendor on this forum so any help you may need will only be a click away. i have used several times without problem and recommend them highly. well worth a look at least. good luck with your search.
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