PayPal Might Be The Next Available Payment Source


Sep 21, 2010

PayPal is a very popular web based money managing service, with over 200 million users; they are doing such a great job that Google might be adding it as a payment option for the Market. This news comes to me as great news, because as a PayPal user, I have become accustomed to not using my card online and now I can keep that same logic on my device. If this is actually done, it will broaden the amount of purchases the Market has, and make it the most flexible market to date.

When this is announced I will purchase my first thing from the app store, because I do not actually trust putting my card to Google’s checkout, but with PayPal, I can trust.

What do you guys think about that?

News via: AndroidCentral
Couldn't agree more with this conceopt. Sure hope it comes about.. I hesitate to purchase anything on the webv unless I can use Paypal.. Amazon didn't have the option the other day and I went somewhere else to get the book that did. Simple calculation really.. get it on or lose business..
More than happy!!! I've never been able to pay for an application, as the Google Checkout always gives me the "Server error. Go back to the previous page".

After using Paypal since 2000 I really trust them and will use them to pay for apps. Good move Google.
Yes! It's probably going to be the one. Many of my friends are using PayPal when they're shopping online. Some business also adopt PayPal as a paying channel for their customers.
I don't think the method of payment is what's slowing Android. Google checkout is working pretty good right now.
Man, I have had my share of problems with paypal. Everytime I checked my account or did a payment, my account got locked.
The reason I got was that there could be safety problems of someone else getting access to my account. Each time I got send new identity papers until no different options were available to sent. After this my account was blocked for 9 months without a possibility to get my money.
Now i put on my account what I need and wait until I get the mail that the money is on my account, login and do the payment, hoping that as a result the account is not closed again.

I can tell you if you need support with this kind of problems, paypal isn't very helpfull.

I am hoping that a good second option for paypal comes around.