Please Help - How to Perform Factory Reset without touchscreen working

Jan 26, 2011
I'm at wit's end here. My S7 touchscreen will work maybe once every 50 bootups, then will stop responding after 4-5 minutes. The side buttons all function, just nothing on the screen responds.

I need to perform a full factory reset, but when I go to Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Tablet I get an on-screen prompt "Erase Everything" that cannot be clicked on with the optical sensor.

I have searched this site and the rest of the web to no avail, please don't tell me to search. The stickies do not address this issue.

Can someone please post how to manually perform a factory reset without using an SD card, downloading data files, configging, etc.? I am not well-versed with Linux and just want to reset this darned thing.

Thanks in advance for your help.

There isnt a way to do it if you are also not allowing it to be done with an SD card, unless you have installed CWM. Then, boot into recovery and do it from there, you can navigate the menu using the volume key.
Thank you for the information. Don't know why this is so difficult to do, of course I don't know why my screen is unresponsive, either. Thanks again!