Please help me i'm going out of my mind!!


Jan 24, 2011
Hi there i am very new to this forum and also new to androids, so please excuse my ignorance and if i have posted this in totaly the wrong place!!
At christmas i brought 3 tablets for my kids, they run on android 1.6, which to my dismay is totaly useless for kids as it doesn't have the abillity to download a flash player i.e adobe, so therefor no games etc! i have been trawling the web for a solution but am still non the wiser, I have heard about "flashing" the unit, but dont know how to! So if anyone could PLEASE help me it would save my sanity!! Also is there any way i can upgrade the android 1.6? However i am totaly useless so any explanation would have to be very very basic....a real step by step guide of andriod for dummies!! thank you so very much in advance xx​
Lucie -

You will need to provide a lot more info before we can provide answers on your specific tabs, type, etc. Flashing a tablet is analogous to formatting your computer and installing a newer version of your OS, so if you follow directions AND if there is a ROM (the full OS) for your device you should be able to update your tablets.

Please click the "Questions" link in my signature and it will take you directly to the page to answer a lot of basic questions.

Good luck, and we will try to help you out.