Please Help!


Nov 26, 2011
Bought 4 of the Cruz T1301 with 2.2 Android on Black friday at Radio Shack for our children for Christmas. Can't seem to get the tablet to do anything. Was hoping to be able to download game apps and get on netflix and youtube. I need step by step instructions please. not very tech savy!


Senior Member
Nov 14, 2011
Hi jimka,

Welcome to the board, it is possible to get the android market on it, but I don't know if the device is netflix capable, hopefully someone with more techie abilities will come help you, there is a forum here on the board for the Velocity Cruz tablets and readers. I looked but didn't see a thread yet with the information you're seeking. Maybe a mod or admin can move this there and some other owners will have links to some step by step instructions on how to install the market and other things you're looking to do.