Please Identify this tablet AND help with Rescue

Restore Success

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Nov 12, 2010
Hi All!

I bought this 7" tablet and need to do a rescue or reset.
I don't know what tablet it is or what procedure to follow.
I have the USB keyboard (if that helps).
From the pictures you can see it does not have a Reset pinhole (just the MIC).
My 2 yr old nephew got a hold of it and did something mysterious to the tablet.
Originally the tablet would go from the Android mascot splash screen to a screen with "Android" logo and then the desktop. Now it just turns on to the Android mascot splash screen and then freezes.
The seller is not helping at all (big surprise)

The LED is green (although I don't remember its color when working well)

I opened the unit and found these specs:

CPU Telechips TCC8902 (OBX AN2F42M-CN)
PCB PMP_T_M1 (2010.08.16)
NAND 4 GB Samsung (K9LBG08UOD-PCB0)
RAM 2x 1 GB Samsung SDRAM DDR2-800 (K4T1G164QE-HCF7)
Battery 3.7V 3,200mAh (HW-058076)

I have a microSD card and a Vista PC.



Nov 18, 2010
very probably a m701 with metal back.
it uses the same firmware as the pandawill g10
Firmware including flashing program can be found HERE
Dont use the android 2.2 firmware it is very experimental.

Very probably the specs you found are not GB but Gb (Gigabit not GigaByte)
I know of no Telechips pad with 1GB RAM, 128MB is more common.