Pleased to join and thank you


Jun 18, 2012
Greetings Everyone,

I've been aware of this website shortly after buying the Scroll Extreme from Ebuyer a month ago. This was a mistake and I really should've done my research first. I hope to return it for a full refund since it no longer turns on!

My quest is to find the best cheap alternative to the iPad/Galaxy/Transformer. The Scroll Extreme is not it.

I've already replaced the ROM before it broke so I'm hoping to learn all about the joys of Android and tweaking it with a new tablet..... once I've found out which to get!

Thank you to all those people who make forums like this possible.
Hi Spumptiff, welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to join us here at Android tablets. The best place on the forum for "shopping" information and recommendations is the Android Tablet Discussions section. Before buying another tablet, I'd suggest you check to see if we have an active forum dedicated to the one you chose. If not, there probably won't be many people here who can help if you have a problem with it. Enjoy the forum and good luck finding your "Perfect Tablet".
me also new to this community. Yours welcome to this community. Found it very useful in knowing facts about Android.:p
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Hello raju, welcome to you as well. It's nice to have you as a new member of the forum.