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Gin Martini

Oct 20, 2010
I heard to play mpeg-2 movies, you have to buy a codec from archos which cost something like $20... is it true? Can anyone confirm if it can play movies like .avi, .mkv, etc right out of the box?

thank in advance!


Oct 29, 2010
Okay well it seems to matter what kind of file is inside the mkv container. I tried playing another video and it prompted me to buy the cinema plugin from archos. I went to try and buy it and I punched in my product number which starts with a 7 and it responded that my product number needs to start with a letter. grrrr.


Oct 30, 2010
I got yesterday my archos 70 IT. It is a nice device, slim, good quality build, except for a pretty sub-par camera. Shipped with android 2.1. However, I have run into a huge tethering problem and might have to return the device if I can't solve. I am not able to tether neither via bluetooth or Wifi. I have a T-Mobile Touch Pro 2. Of course, the wireless option gives me the problem of not being able to see the ad-hoc connection with the archos. However, I cannot use bluetooth either.

After I pair the device and I follow the whole BT tethering procedure I get on the archos an "unable to to connect by tethering" message. If I try to initiate the connection via the Touch Pro 2 using the function "Network Manager", and choosing to share an internet connection with the "A70S" (The archos 70) I get a message on the Touch Pro 2 saying that the device might be turned off or not support personal area network services.

I have used as APN, but I have also tried; and others. Nothing seems to work. I am so frustrated. If I cannot fix it, I might have to return the Archos and go with a 3g enabled tablet. I planned to use the archos tablet for my long commute and without internet is not much helful. Any suggestion, advise?


Senior Member
Oct 23, 2010
Any more updates feedback etc, I am really keen to hear more about these tablets they look good.