Power Supply For Android MID Tablet


Aug 15, 2013
Hi All,

I'm hoping that this forum can be of some assistance to me.

I just acquired a 7" MID Tablet Capacitive Touch Android 2.3 tablet from eBay and I'm in need of a power supply.

Here's the tablet:

Generic 7" Mid Tablet Capacitive Touch Black Silver 4GB Android 2 3 Gingerbread | eBay

I went to Radio Shack and they suggested trying a 9V 300ma. They gave the lowest ma (milliamp) possible so that it wouldn't blow it out. Apparently, the power supply is not strong enough as the battery wont get past 1% even after a full 8 hours of charging.

How can I find out the right power supply that would support this tablet? If it helps, under settings it shows MID_Serials as the serial number.

In addition to the power supply issue, I also can't get the wi-fi option to stay in the on position and it doesn't allow me to scan for networks. I'm thinking the not staying on issue could be related to not having enough power.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Hello Mate

The biggest problem with Ebay is the salers are not a round when things go wrong I would like to answer your question a power unit is just a 12v 2000ma 100-240-50/60hz would work. some tablet might take time to charge from 1 - 8 hours
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Unfortunately the folks at Radio Shack aren't as knowledgeable as they used to be. Too high of a milliamp rating will not harm an electronic device, it will pull only as much as it needs. However, too high a voltage level can cook a circuit board rather quickly which is why you should never guess the voltages but search out a manual for the device first. I certainly wouldn't force a 12v adapter on a tablet without being 100% certain that is what it needs. I have 4 tablets from 3 different manufacturers and they all take 5v power supplies with milliamp ratings between 1000-2000. I do agree eBay is the wrong place to buy a tablet or other electronis considering how many counterfeit devices are being made.