Question about storage of coby kyros 7024


Jun 13, 2011
Hello people!

Just bought and received my new Kyros 7024 but i am a little bit confused about it's storage.

When I enter SD Card & device storage settings, I see 3 different options of storage:

SD Card (External)
Nand memory (Internal 4GB)
Internal device storage (around 400MB)

what i would like to know is why every app i install goes to the internal device storage and not to the nand memory which is 2.9GB usable? also, I would like to know if the internal device storage it is my RAM memory? I think it is cuz it's size is close to the 512MB the device comes with.

Another doubt i have is about the battery, I have charged my tablet 3 times already the first one was overnight and the others around 5 hrs but the battery has never fully charge, it stays in between 80 - 87% and doesn't go above, do you think i have a bad battery there?

Thanks in advance.
Try going to advanced settings. There should be "battery health" or something like this. Mine says battery health - "good" which I also find good. See what yours says.
Battery condition says "Good" but im a little bit worried that it doesn't charge 100% and it just gives me aroung 4 hrs of internet usage (web browsing, ebuddy and such) with the lowest screen brightness, thats a lot less than what coby advertises.
I wanted to add a reply to this thread as I am having fits with my Kyros 7024 Internal device storage. I am down to 48.59MB, and it should be closer to the 512MB that come stock with the tablet. I think that I have installed, uninstalled, and "reset" (which does nothing, by the way) this tablet so many times, that there is a lot of broken app data in that storage location. However, I have no way of getting to it to clear it out - or know what to look for to clear it out. Any suggestions out there? I have had this tablet about 1.5 months. When I first got it, I installed lots of apps, then it started hanging. I decided that it was because I didn't have enough storage, so I purchased an external 16GB microSD card. However, now I have no applications installed, and am getting the low storage error. It is very frustrating, and I really don't want to call Coby support. Thanks in advance for any help!
@cornell - Battery issue definitely sounds like a defect if you never get 100%. However, it may not actually be a defect in the operation of the battery...meaning, you may be getting the fullest charge out of that battery but something is screwy with how it is being reported or picked up from the system software. I get about the same amount of time with my screen set the lowest as well. 2-4 hours of web browsing, youtube and such. Seems like you're getting about the same. Still, that would bug me too.

Not sure about the storage. Once the device is rooted it makes it easier to access the complete partition which you can then snoop around and figure out where stuff is. I don't recall how it works exactly but the Android devices I believe store apps on the internal device storage unless the move-to-sd option is built in to the app. First things first, get market and get rooted. p.s. I only have 114mb internal left and I only have a fraction of apps on my 8024 vs my droidx mobile phone. Hah!

@pcjr1970 - Try checking the app usage. I had a mail account that was syncing my sent items and took up a lot of space. Go to settings>applications>manage applications>all> and then check each program for cached and fixed data. You should be able to find your culprit going through the list. It may be a built in app. Good luck!
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Hey pingram3541 thanks for the input dude! I already got the Android market working, it is day and night having the market installed, Appslib sucks big time.

I'm not sure about rooting the tablet as at the moment i don't feel i really need to. I'm waiting too see if the community release a Gingerbread or Honeycomb ROM to install on my kyros